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Thursday, January 15, 2015

improlf ???

 ya know, i don't know a thing about golf.
however, i do know something about improv
and already i can tell you
this is going to be a great year of shows
at the 
2015 gatlinburg improv fest!

returning groups include

einstein simplified!
reasonably priced babies!

and brand new this year from chicago,
 underhanded improv!
 and from cincinatti, 
the middle child!

more info to come!

stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

now with all the gif workshop info you need!

Gatlinburg Improv Fest 2014 Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be held on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at:

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre

461 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Each workshop will be 90 minutes long and cost $15.

Times and descriptions:

9:00 am

Free Improv Class! - Come and play! Custom-built class for all who attend! It’s free!
All experience levels welcome.

James Newport, Sak Theatre & Comedy Lab
James has nearly 20 years of improv performing, directing, and teaching experience. Come on! It’ll be fun!


11:00 am

Get Connected and Succeed Through Failure - With 20 years of improvisation experience Paul Simmons of Einstein Simplified will show you how to find the connections to your scene partners and also how failure = success.  There are no wrong answers. $15

Dr. Paul Simmons, Einstein Simplified
Paul has been with Einstein Simplified since day one. His enthusiasm and drive has resulted in his being labeled the "Heart and Soul" of the troupe. Computer guru by day and comedian by night he has enjoyed being able to grow his comedy skills by teaching several courses in comedy and improv over the years. Quiet and reserved until he takes the stage or you get to know him, he is always ready to entertain and make others laugh.


1:00 pm

Improvising Truthfully: Through using his combined backgrounds in improvisation and the Meisner acting technique, Ian will show you how to get to the emotional core of the relationship between you and your scene partner right away. Learn how to stop “indicating”, start living truthfully onstage, and effortlessly discover the humor in the scene. Learn to become the decisive, fearless, and vulnerable improviser you’ve always wanted to be. $15

Ian Covell, Improv School of Atlanta’s Elliot Street
Ian is a student of the Sanford Meisner acting technique and has been performing improv comedy for 18 years, co-founder of the Orlando, FL based sketch and improv comedy troupe, THEM, former artistic director for Automatic Improv, worked at Relapse, Dad's Garage, SAK Comedy Lab, The Village Theatre, and is currently the voice of and evil baby in the animated series "Goodwin Vs. Badwin”.


3:00 pm

Matt’s Super Amazing Improv Class: Strong Start, Bangin' Finish
This workshop will cover the necessary elements of "hero myth" story structure.
Identifying a protagonist, torturing her/him, and finding satisfying resolution will all be illuminated. Find your archetype and set up the hero to win (or lose!), or perhaps you ARE the hero. Short-form made epic again! $15

Matt Stanton, Improv School of Atlanta’s Elliot Street
Matt is a veteran improviser who was one of the original founders of Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta in the late twentieth century. Just recently you can see him in that movie, news guy 2 or whatever it was called. His class will be amazing. He was also the 3rd place winner of the 1991 Winter Park High School play festival.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

gif 2014 show schedule updates!

hey all! we have some updates to our show schedule!!!

unfortunately, the reasonably priced babies are unable to attend this year, so we've moved some shows around on saturday.

also our scheduled thursday show has been canceled

no thursday show!!!

(but performers may attend an open workshop instead which will be held at the theater).

schedule changes are indicated by ***

thanks! and tell your friends!!! 

also workshop schedule should be up monday, march 3!!!

now, here's our new lineup,

tickets are $10 per show! we'll start taking calls for reservations starting tomorrow, thursday feb 27th at noon! just give us a call at 865-325-9712. that's the number we've hooked up our dixie cups and string to anyway. see ya soon!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

our interview with frank murphy on the comedy couch!

here we are talking with about gif 2014 on the classic hits 93.1 comedy couch.

moving right along...

things are moving along. six improv groups have already confirmed they are coming to perform for gatlinburg improv fest 2014. our show schedule should be available early next week. hmmm, this tortoise seems to be picking up speed....