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Saturday, October 8, 2011

art has always been my path to love and happiness...

i've been inspired by steve jobs' recent passing to ask
how can we be hungry and foolish together??? 

i would like this festival of improv to build itself on the yes, and... principle. 
because last year's shutup, where's the remote? philosophy totally did not work. 

so with our new yes, and.. philosophy we are officially past the pipe dream stage! woo us! let me just say, i am very excited. ...boom. just exploded a little. 

this is the very first gatlinburg improv fest and according to the mayan people, the very last one. i however am pushing for more. i am in fact plotting the possibilities of a giant ferris wheel at the gatlinburg improv festival's 20th anniversary street party right at this very minute.

so why an improv fest?

well, i'll tell you, largest font on the drop down menu... 

even if you don't ask, i am quick to admit that i used to perform improv in my younger and less ms addled days. (yes, i have multiple sclerosis. just try to ignore it. i do.) 

i started performing in the early eighties with comedysportz, dc and then on to sak theatre's comedy lab in orlando, florida. there, i was the improvisor, managing director, artistic director, rat cleaner upper, teacher, writer, guy who did all the weekly schedules and stuff, off and on for about ten years in the mid nineties-early naughties...

and in those days of misspent evenings spent wildly improvising i had the greatest fun. and i met the greatest people, with whom i had the greatest time, and then a diagnosis and some years later i met these people who have this really great 1890's british music hall-style theater in gatlinburg, tn, called the sweet fanny adams theatre, and then my wife, the lovely miss krisha, started performing with them, and then i thought, hey, let's put on a show and then, and then, and then, ...

behold! a fest is borned...
borned? really?? okay, where were we?...

yes, so, a show... and i (who i must say, knows some great improvisors and would love to curate an improv weekend of wonderful and joyful improvisors from 'round the world.....or whatever distance they might travel for 30% of the ticket revenue from their show or shows) said let's do an improv fest!

and thus begat the gatlinburg improv fest...

so now, here we are, four and some months away, looking to add to our roster of performers and teachers. we are already very excited to have chase padgett and his award-winning show, six guitars, for friday and saturday night at 8pm, feb. 24 & 25.

so that's what we got so far. ideas and suggestions welcome. 

oh yes, come play!

come have some good life-affirming solid improv fun at the gatlinburg improv festival with me and chase padgett and the fine folks of sweet fanny adams theatre and... ???

hungry and foolish, 

james newport

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