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Saturday, October 1, 2011

knock knock...

knock knock.

who's there?

a tree.

a tree who?

a magic effin tree that just walked over here on my magic effin roots and knocked on your effin door with my magic effin limbs, thats who.

wait. oops. sorry. that should be elfin not effin. beg pardon.

welcome to october!,
and the first in what may be a long series of short posts about last minute things.

first things first:

the gatlinburg improv fest is going to be ...

february 23-26, 2012!

in gatlinburg, tennessee!

at the fantastic sweet fanny adams theatre!
located at 461 parkway, gatlinburg, tn 37738!

there will be t-shirts! there will be several balloons! there will be things i have not thought of yet because this is truly an improvised improv fest put together on an iphone by a man who has ms and whose children were up coughing most of the night.
daunting as that may seem, an old improv pal once wrote about 37 minutes ago that you should "believe in yourself. there's nothing you can't tell people you accomplished."

inspired by this, i forged on to create my past. i once killed a dinosaur. also, i was a staff performer, writer, producer, teacher and the artistic and managing director of the sak theatre comedy lab in orlando, florida for several years and was very successful and somewhat liked.

these most excellent things will give me the fine foundation of improvtheaterness and dinosaur killing skills i will need to put on the very best gatlinburg improv fest ever!

feb. 23-26, 2012!

be there!

more info to come later today, including details on improv group application requirements and fees (yeah, i ain't messin' around.) but now i need to go get some more mucinex for kids...

james newport, improv impresario

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