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Saturday, November 5, 2011

rockin' the schedule!

back in the olden days, otherwise known as the late nineties, i used to schedule all the weekend improv shows for sak theatre in orlando, florida.

on friday and saturday nights there were 3 shows, ...7:30, 9:30, & 11:30.

each show had two teams of three, a host, a piano player, and a light/sound tech. it was daunting and fun.

putting sak shows together was like skimming a pretty rock bed in a fast-moving mountain stream and stacking the most beautiful odd rocks into the perfect tower.

planning the gatlinburg improv fest is very much like that only slower and i need more rocks.


apply now for the gatlinburg improv fest!

and remember, the application fee will go up to $35 after dec. 15th.

and also, if you are selected, it's a paid gig!

performers will be paid 30% of their show revenue from ticket sales.

teachers will be paid 70% of their class revenue from paid participants.

come play! get paid!

your pal,
james newport, gifologist