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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

barky barky! woof woof!

"barky barky! woof woof!"

those are the sounds i imagine from this puppy who, in his excitement, has suddenly eaten a tiny little man with funny trousers.


ha! love it!

this image is my favorite refrigerator magnet and also my favorite piece of art by charles bragg.  you can check out his other wonderful art at (his parents were vaudeville performers by the way. maybe that's where he developed his keen comedic eye.)

now about this puppy... 

this picture has always been a favorite of mine. i think i've had this magnet for at least a couple of decades now. also, if you look closely, you may notice the tomato sauce stain near his tail. i'm pretty sure that, itself, is over eight years old, but i digress...

i love this magnet so much because of the wonderful absurd situation vs. those realistic puppy eyes. those are most definitely improvisor eyes. eyes that are saying to the unseen audience, "yes, yes, i just ate this little man. that is my initial offer. now, please 'yes, and...' me and create an appropriate history and story for us all to enjoy." i love the story of this drawing, whatever it may be, and i accept it all.

i've noticed working on the gatlinburg improv fest is having a similar effect on me. consistently, i've been struck by the perfect balance of some random absurdity that happens during the creative process followed by the great joy of imagining all the possibilities of what that absurdity now makes possible.

that's the power of "yes, and...", i suppose. or puppy eyes. one of those. either way, it's all very exciting! and whatever it may be, i accept it all!

oh, and remember, december 15th is the last day to send in your performer/teacher application form and application fee before the price goes up from $20 to $35! that's a whole $15 of your money you can save. heck, that's enough money for a pretty nice christmas gift for aunt clara. and you know how much she loves those weird scented candles...

so, get on that and let's make some more wonderfully absurd stories for gatlinburg improv fest 2012!!! barky barky! woof woof!

--james newport, improv impresario

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