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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GIF 2016 Improv Classes Are Here!

All Improv Classes will be Saturday March 5, 2016 at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, 461 Parkway (Traffic Light #3), Gatlinburg, TN 37738   (865) 436-4039

Improv Classes

Free Intro to Improv - Free!
James Newport, The New Fangles, GIF Producer
Free improv class! All the basics, what is improv?, yes and-ing, making offers, accepting offers, and some basic short form games. And it’s free!

Improv 101 - $15
James Newport, The New Fangles, GIF Producer
Whirlwind improv class! Everything I can cram into a 90 minute improv class that i have learned in 30 years of improvising! You’ll learn about scenework, active listening, setting up your where, character work, consistent space work, scene painting, yes, and-ing, no blocking, over accepting, commitment, stage presence and energy, cooking eggs, endowing, storytelling and story structure, getting suggestions, status, pimping, conflict creation and resolution, exploring and heightening, making offers, avoiding questions, advancing, canadian crossing, raising stakes, and flossing.

James has nearly 30 years of improv performing, directing, and teaching experience. Before moving to the Knoxville area he performed in Orlando, FL with SAK Theatre and Comedy Lab. He started at SAK as a performer and teacher and after several years became SAK’s Artistic and Managing Director. He loves improv like he loves cake.

The Details Matter - $15
Paul Simmons, Einstein Simplified
Creating and committing to fully establish stage reality.

Paul Simmons is thrilled to have been part of the Gatlinburg Improv Festival since the first year. As the last original member of the long running comedy improv troupe Einstein Simplified, he has done his time. He has captivated audiences on stages from repertory theaters to a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest, and has even performed in Las Vegas at a private resort. Paul has been in movies, done voice overs, commercials, and benefits. He has also taught multiple classes and workshops varying from beginner to intermediate/advanced. With over 21 years of experience he's your man. Vote for Paul.

Long-form, Short Scenes & What Smart Means - $15
Kristen Ballard, Full Disclosure
Malorie Cunningham, Full Disclosure
Explore the true meaning of "playing to the top of your intelligence." While its impressive to name drop pro-wrestlers and sing every note to Shania Twain (only one of which is in my wheelhouse...) it's important for an improviser to know how to utilize the difference between connecting outside facts to the scene and connecting facts created by the scene. Both demand the right timing. This workshop explores the latter. The possibilities for a scene are endless when you fully utilize your own experiences to heighten, explore and react truthfully. This fast-paced workshop will practice these skills in long-form exercises and scene work. A big thank you to NYC-based improv group "From Justin to Kelly" for teaching us the last few games in their workshop "Love The One Your With."

Kristen has been in comedy since 2008.  Most of those years involved sketch comedy with the Silly T. Scholars in Lexington, KY. Originally, she began studying improvisation as a means to write. Later, she joined Full Disclosure Comedy and began to perform long-form improvisation outside of the sketch world.

Malorie has been an improviser and sketch writer for Full Disclosure Comedy since its beginnings in 2014. She started doing improv as a member of Rasin the Random in Greenville, South Carolina in 2010. She has performed with teams throughout the south over the course of six years. If you would like to send her money, she lives in a van down by the river.

Lead With Your Heart (and the Head Will Follow) - $15
Ian Covell, Highwire Improv Co.
Do you get in your head and get lost in improv scenes?  Not sure how to feel about what's happening in the scene or what pieces of information are important and which ones aren't?  Tired of ending your scenes feeling unfulfilled and leaving scenes feeling like they were about nothing? Comedy without heart is empty isn't it? Lead With Your Heart (and the Head Will Follow) will help you make brave emotional choices and show you how to develop the ability to zero in on what is most important in your scenes so that you can get to the fun, emotional roller coaster that is possible in each scene. 

Ian has over 20 years of experience performing improv and sketch comedy across the U.S. and Canada. He has extensively trained in the Meisner Acting Technique and regularly works in film, commercial, and voice-over acting. His unique blend of improv and acting skills is a rare commodity. Since moving to Atlanta in 2010, Ian has performed at some of Atlanta’s most respected improv theatres including Dad’s Garage, Relapse Theatre, The Basement and The Village Theatre, and he is also the former Artistic Director of Automatic Improv.

All Improv Classes will be Saturday March 5, 2016 at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, 461 Parkway (Traffic Light #3), Gatlinburg, TN 37738   (865) 436-4039

Monday, February 15, 2016

GIF 2016 Show Schedule!

hey, folks!
gatlinburg improv fests happens on the weekend of March 4-5!
here's the show schedule for GIF 2016!
tix available online later this week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

sweet fanny adams!

hey so this improv theater fest in gatlinburg that i run with my wife krisha (the morning cohost on country radio station q100.3)... 

it happens in just a few weeks and finally the momentum is picking up. 

one of the things i love most about it is the theater it happens in. the sweet fanny adams theater in gatlinburg, tennessee. the surroundings are beautiful. i mean you're watching comedy in a joyful and charming historic british style music hall theater in the midst of a moonshine mountain tourist town in a majestic ancient woodland known as the great smoky mountains. it really really is pretty pretty pretty great. maybe even magnificent. come check it out. 

also check out the meaning and story of sweet fanny adams if you don't know...

hope to see you soon!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Ladies and Gents, here's our GIF 2016 line-up!

Ladies and Gents, here's our GIF 2016 line-up!

Einstein Simplified from Knoxville
The New Fangles from Gatlinburg
Ian Covell and Highwire Improv Co. from Atlanta
The Adult Table from Atlanta
Full Disclosure from Knoxville
The Maybe Pile from Chattanooga and beyond
Nashville Improv Co. from Nashville
The Improv*ables from Knoxville
Red Pill Players from Atlanta
Shenanigans from Lee University in Cleveland, TN
LOL Nashville from Nashville
The Blast from Atlanta

Whoo! That's 12 improv groups performing the weekend of march 4-5, 2016 at the Gatlinburg Improv Fest! Specifics, showtimes and schedule will be announced as soon as they are carved from a solid block of jell-o. so soon-ish... have a great day!